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Come Protest Comrade President Obama 

Sure, he's wildly popular; and sure he's a great orator; and, yes, fresh off his great legislative victory he was able to take three days off (I guess the "emergency" must have taken three days off, too) before flying into our fair city to do the ceremonial signing (because the "emergency" likes a scenic backdrop, too).

But if you're one of those Paleolithic ideologues clinging to your guns and your Bill of Rights, maybe you can tear yourself away from your Bible study tomorrow to rally with several members of the RMA down at the Capitol tomorrow at noon. There's gonna be roast pig, a banjo player and if we're lucky, Ellie May will recite a little poetry for us.

But seriously, if you have the time, try to make your way downtown for this. Since His Emminence is limiting his actual event to a very select few (because only they are going to pay in the long run, I suppose. . . .HA), and Congress refused to listen to the will of the people, then a very strong, very visible showing is absolutely necessary to send a message to the President and to the "professional journalists."

And what is that message, you ask? We're watching; we've marked the day and the time that this became YOUR economy; and we're not gonna let you others cover up for him when this doesn't work.

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