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A Letter To President Bush 

The Honorable George W. Bush
1600 Pennsylvania Avenue
Washington, D.C.

Dear President Bush,

Before you leave the White House and enter a well-deserved retirement, I wanted to write to you to say thank you for your service to the nation.

I am a father of three, and on September 12th, 2001, and for many, many days after that, I woke up every day reaching for the television remote so I could see if anything bad happened overnight. My greatest fear wasn’t another attack by plane or other, more conventional means, but the random act of violence that would force me to watch one of my children die. Thanks in large part to your leadership, innocent Americans have remained safe for seven years. THANK YOU!! I am proud to have worked to get you elected.

I, and all but a handful of Americans, can only imagine the difficulties you’ve had to face in the last eight years. The number of decisions that you have had to make in the last eight years must be staggering—it would, no doubt, be too much for most men to handle. I take great comfort in the fact that you are a man who uses his Faith to guide his decisions. And, while it’s impossible to know exactly what to do in every circumstance, I know that making decisions based on a core philosophy makes everything easier.

There will be occasions in the near future for you to explain your decision-making process to the American people—I look forward to that. I can appreciate that you have refrained from engaging your political opponents in the past, in the interest of national unity; but having a truthful record of your tenure would be invaluable. I hope you intend to use whatever forums you are given to explain what went into your decisions, and, also, in what ways your political opponents were misguided in their positions. The American people deserve to know the real story.

I pray that you are allowed a quiet and peaceful retirement. I suspect, however, that your opponents will still not have gotten enough of abusing you. I pray that God will grant you perseverance and comfort; and, also, that he will watch over your family and grant them a peace that has, no doubt, eluded them over the course of the last eight years.


Arvada, CO

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