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Keeping An Eye On The Big Board 

Just looking around a little bit, when Glenn Beck brings this to our attention:

. . . .the former spy, Aleksandr Y. Lebedev, the owner of a major Russian bank, a chunk of the Aeroflot airline and a big share of a newspaper in Moscow, is heading back to London in a different guise altogether.

So a man who once spied on Britain for the Kremlin is returning as a press baron, adding one more strand to the weave of wealth binding Russian tycoons to London.

On Wednesday, Mr. Lebedev announced that he had agreed to buy a majority stake in The Evening Standard, a newspaper that has long been a part of London’s fabric, offering commuters a diet of show business listings, celebrity gossip, sharp-edged editorials and lengthy feature articles, as well as being the afternoon newspaper read by Britain’s political elite.

Huh. What could possibly happen when a former KGB agent runs a London newspaper, a bank, and an important airline, and another former KGB agent runs, well . . . everything else in Russia including the supply of oil to Europe and Asia?

I ask: what could possibly happen?

Is it possible that we taught the methods and procedures of capitalism a little too well to the ex-Soviets, but failed altogether to communicate the large-scale purpose of capitalism? So we've given them the means, but failed to inform the motivation, so it seems fairly likely that the ex-KGB agents know exactly how to use economics to wage the same war on the West now that they failed to win with ammo, armor and territory in the 60s, 70s and 80s.

So, you know . . . kudos to us for ending that USSR thing. Might have to start thinking about them again.

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