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What Matters Tomorrow 

First and foremost, that you VOTE!! Get out there as if your life and your future depends on it.

It just might.

For what it's worth, here's the important parts of my ballot:

President: McCain/Palin

Senator: Bob Schaeffer (Udall can't fool me)

State Senate: Libby Szabo

State House: John Bodnar--a good man is hard to find, especially in this business.

Amendments 47, 49, 54: yes--if for no other reason than the $23 million the unions spent trying to defeat these has been marked by the most ridiculously deceitful ad campaign I've ever seen

Amendment 48: yes

Amendments 58, 59: no

Do I have any predictions? First, I've got myself steeled for disappointment. Second, I think we're in for a long night. And, if we're in for a long night, we could be in for a long November/December while this thing is contested in six separate states. I hope McCain doesn't reflexively decide to avoid the Constitutional crisis by conceding rather than contesting voter irregularities, as Dino Rossi did four years ago in Washington. If a tainted election becomes better than the alternative, then we're really not a lot better than a banana republic.

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