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At What Point Does MSNBC Just Give Up On Itself? 

MSNBC Retracts False Palin Story; Others Duped

MSNBC was the [willing] victim of a hoax when it reported that an advisor to John McCain had identified himself as the source of anembarrasing story about former vice presidential candidate Sarah Palin, the network said Wednesday.

A lot easier to be duped when the narrative fits perfectly with your preconceived notions about the world.

If it were possible to simply brand yourself as the Democratic News Channel, MSNBC would be a lot more comfortable in its own skin. Of course, it might get a few disputes over the claim to that name, but it would be a lot more accurate.

I wonder when the powers-that-be at NBC grow weary enough of the embarrasment to do something about it. Especially since MSNBC is (surely) a money-losing proposition.

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