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Why We Can't Win . . . Maybe Ever Again 

Think about the reality here: John McCain's only real chance, barring a political earthquake, is to draw to an inside straight on the Electoral College map.

Superimpose the places he needs to sweep with the list of places where ACORN is very active and, in most cases, being accused of "irregularities."

Notice any similarities? Yeah--me, too.

For every illegal ballot that gets caught, how many do you think actually slip through? And we've seen what happens during a contested election to "irregularities"--they get counted, anyway.

I am 100% convinced that this election, if it gets even a little bit close, is going to be stolen. And the media, who has the power to change that with a little investigation, is so in the bag for Obama that the truth will never see the light of day.

Which puts into power all the people who are really good at running this sort of operation . . . .

which nearly guarantees a huge structural advantage ad infinitum for Democrats.

The political wilderness is going to seem like a tropical vacation compared to where we're headed.

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