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Why An Obama Presidency Scares Me 

You'd think this would be an easy one to write, wouldn't you?

I'm not worried about the "test" in the first six months. That is to say, while I'm sure it's coming, that's not the thing that has the potential to keep me awake at night.

The thing about this is, the Democrats are MUCH better than Republicans at the game of attaining power. I fully expect the Dems to spend two years being very "reasonable," like they tried to be in Colorado, picking off the low-hanging fruit and trying their darndest to seem both moderate and competent.

By the way, I expect this to be fully and completed assisted by a stock market/global economy that miraculously "turns the corner" in the first two weeks after Obama's inauguration. See my post from a couple nights ago, and then try to find out what George Soros has been doing for the last eight months. Or, better still, try to figure out what Vlad Putin and his $600 billion off-the-books fortune have been busy with.

So, for two years they can shore up their resources, make no major waves, but all the while quietly restocking major positions within Defense, Homeland Security, Justice, State and the lower Courts with like-minded functionaries. As the inevitable attrition from the bureaucracy of people who came in with President Bush takes place, these fundtionaries will gradually help Obama and his people consolidate their ideological hold on every branch and function of government. Simultaneously, the "sunsetting" and gradual erosion of some of the protections President Bush put in place after 9/11 will finally begin to be felt.

Faux prosperity will return, the safeguards will loosen, the country and the government will let down its guard, and then . . .

the 3 a.m. call.

And I'm not talking about Israel or other interests around the world.

We know these people are patient; we know they hate us and there's really no explaining that away (no matter how eloquently); we know they view conciliation and compromise as weakness;

and we know they'll hit us again, if the possibly can.

THAT's what scares me about Obama. I'm sure he'll botch Israel, and I would expect that "President Obama" makes most of the former Soviet satellites very nervous. But a wicked combination of actual attack with economic attack by the concerted forces of evil in the world could push America out of the ranks of "major industrialized nation."

And Robert Ferrigno's vision begins to come into focus.

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