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There Actually IS A Real Danger In This 

So the LATimes is protecting Barack Obama from his own history.


By not releasing a video of an Obama tribute to a PLO bag man--a story they wrote about once before--they completely guarantee that Obama will not have to face any tough questions about either his support for Israel or his past associations.


So, here's my question: who, exactly, protects Barack Obama from himself when he's in negotiations with Benjamin Netanyahu, Vlad Putin, Ahmedinijad or anybody else with actual experience, a real agenda, and anything BUT Barack Obama's interests in mind?

Yes, the election process is often ugly in America; but, the upside is that it puts the candidates through a test of fire which, supposedly, makes them better ready for the actual stresses of the job. Obama has had none of that fire. How in the Hell is he supposed to deal with people who think he's an easy mark and will use his naivete as the first pretense to act to end America?

The danger of a fawning press is manifold, but surely it's occurred to one of the "old guard" that this is an unprecedented precipice.

Hasn't it?

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