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A Note For The Ad Guys 

First, I'm very disappointed that I DID NOT see any effective attack ads during football today.

Second, if the best you can do is hit the "real Obama" for voting to raise taxes 94 times, at least you could drop in the not-incidental fact that Obama has only been on the Senate floor for 160-some days.

That's one tax for every two days on the job.

You might as well hit him on experience if you're going to go after the tax issue.

Which reminds me, this is another area in which the President has been a TERRIBLE Republican. Not on actual taxes, just on the issue. Again, his and his White House's inability to articulate the economic program that brought on the strong economic conditions of the past four years has made it impossible for Republicans to gain any traction on the issue of taxes. The Dems have hung "tax cuts for the rich" around our necks, and since we haven't been able to cut through the chatter with our own rhetoric, the current economic troubles are ours to die with.

Fairly or not.

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