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Impressions On The Debate 

First of all, and most important, she did what she HAD to do: she put herself up as credible, strong, and capable. Took the issue of McCain's judgment off the table.

Secondly, she connected very well with main street--I think she came off as a normal person in a world of oddities. That was especially effective, given that she was standing next to "The Squinter."

Third, I think she won on points. Not a knockout, maybe even a split decision, but I do think she won.

But not by as much as she could have. When she watches the film, I think she'll be pretty disappointed.

First of all, she should have called Biden on the Constitution: Article I deals with the legislature, not the Executive, and specifically NOT the Vice President. Secondly, when he talks about the framers and the Veep, he conveniently forgets that for the first part of the Republic, the Veep was often adversarial to the President--the first loser. And third, I think it would have been pretty useful to have a quote or two handy from Joe to beat him about the head about his disagreements with Obama.

It was good, but disappointing. Kind of like watching your quarterback complete a nice pass for a first down, but then noticing on replay that there was a man wide open downfield for a touchdown. Good and useful, but. . .

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