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If Race Weren't An Issue Of Elite Guilt In America . . . 

is there any way in the world that Barack Obama would even be the nominee, much less the actual front-runner for the Presidency?

Consider his positions:

:the most radical pro-abortion major candidate in history
:dedicated to the disassembly of the next generation of military weaponry, along with big cuts to the traditional military
:has admitted to a goal of redistributing the wealth
:has promised to meet with foreign leaders for negotiation "without precondition"
:espouses a "government first" approach to solving nearly every domestic problem
:has promised to raise taxes (by repealing Bush tax cuts), and promised to spend nearly $1 trillion more than current budget--traditional "tax and spend"

If he were NOT an eloquent black man, we would have a very easy time pegging Obama's positions, for they are, in effect, no different than this list of losers: John Kerry, Al Gore, Michael Dukakis, Wlater Mondale, Jimmy Carter.

This is an old comfortable template. Unfortunately, the country has gotten so caught up in Obama's "change"-ness that it hasn't had the time to notice that his policies are very old-school.

If the elites weren't so enamored of his blackness, Obama wouldn't have made it out of the Democratic primaries. And even if you simply write that aspect off as the Democratic Party managing to overcome its own racists, there is simply no explanation for the rest of the country's unwillingness to take him on except fear of race.

We are about to elect the very first Affirmative Action President.

I wonder if Sandra Day O'Connor thinks a twenty-five year continuation of THIS is a good idea.

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