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Has Anybody Else Wondered This? 

I had briefly sort of considered this idea, then I heard Mike Huckabee bring it up, as well, and then . . .


:doesn't it seem odd that oil would spike around the world to the degree it did in an election year? And NOT because of actual supply and demand, but because of "speculators" (correct me if I'm wrong, but doesn't speculation imply a market which implies the possibility of manipulation by people?)

:And then, doesn't it seem like strange coincidence that just when oil starts to calm down the rest of the financial markets go down the crapper?

Huckabee said these words two or three weeks ago: "economic terrorism."

Now there's this: "Jihadist group claims responsibility for US financial meltdown"

Members of the Egyptian Jihad group have declared that Islamic Jihad groups are responsible for the financial meltdown in the US as they distributed hundred of millions of US dollars in the world stock markets.

I'm not going to say anything definitive. I'm just saying . . . If somebody smart and important isn't looking into this possibility, it would be . . . well . . .

completely predictable, given the competence level of the government over the last few years.

And then I'm gonna say "follow the money"--who has benefitted from the financial meltdown?

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