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Day Late, Dollar Short? 

This weekend has seen the McCain campaign finally begin to force the issue of Obama's character into the debate. The "professional journalists" have been remarkably reluctant to probe into this--even according to such sources as Hillary Clinton aide Mark Penn.

To wit: Sarah Palin levels a charge against the Obama/Ayers connection

To wit: John McCain brings the argument that Democrats and Obama are responsible for the financial meltdown.

It's about damn time. Why--WHY!--did this take a week, when, in the interim, there's been an Obama attack on Republican's responsibility for the crisis, there's been a Veep debate, and there's been an open microphone following the passage of the bailout?

And, for its part, the Obama campaign is swinging back . . . HARD. Even if it's all based on a tisue of lies and smears designed to catch at least one republican in a Democrat scandal, a lot of people still remember the Keating Five and the S&L collapse. In fact, I'm not sure if it counts as swinging back if the counterattack actually lands before the first attack gets thrown.

Which makes me wonder just how nimble the Obama campaign is. As soon as the McCain camp announces that the gloves are coming off, they roll out an attack along the same lines.

McCain camp: ten days later, speech, not ad; Obama camp: immediate, and enough to blanket the airwaves and the internet.

I wonder why the RCP average is drifting so hard against us. . . . no, I don't.

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