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Could We All Just Agree . . . 

that there are some events that DO NOT NEED OUR POLITICS!?!?!?

The whole family took part in the Denver Race for the Cure today--the Mrs. ran the 5k race, and then joined us as we walked with a large group of friends. Just a tiny part of the estimated 65,000 (!) people raising money for research on breast cancer.

A great cause, right? Stands alone, right?

Some can't see it . There was a huge contingent of Obamaniacs there ("Grandmas for Obama for the Cure " . . . . huh?) passing out goofy-looking "O" glasses. And, y'know, annoying but, whatever.

But the worst of it was from our side. And, I must say, I understand the passion behind it, and I understand the sense of ungency, . . . .

but it made me sick to see this sign: "Abortion increases breast cancer by 40%"

Everybody, PUH-LEEZE!, can we just come together for a cause and not taint it with our own? It's just so . . .arrogant. . . to think everything is always about us.

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