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As Usual, Right Formation, Wrong Play, Wrong Execution 

To borrow a football analogy, imagine if a quarterback continually came to the line of scrimmage, saw the defense, audibled to a perfect formation for a big play, and then called a weak running play that kept getting botched.

That seems to be the McCain playbook right now.

Right formation: In Palm Beach, Florida, today Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz., attacked Sen. Barack Obama's pending 30-minute prime-time address as a "gauzy, feel-good commercial," that was "paid for . . .

Wrong play: ". . . with broken promises."

Botched execution: "Senator Obama signed a piece of paper committing to public financing of his campaign if I did," McCain said. "Twice he looked the American people in the eye and said he would sit down with me before he abandoned public financing. He didn't mean a word of it."

THE--THE--story of this last week should be the recent revelations of widespread campaign donation fraud to the Obama camp, coupled with the newly revealed symbiosis between the Obama campaign and ACORN, which could be spiced up with the mention of Rashid Khalidi. McCain had a chance to go for the home run ball--in effect, he had his best wideout one-on-one with a linebacker--and opted for a draw play, instead.

How's this:?

"This gauzy, feel-good infomercial was paid for with illegal donations from the likes of Adolphe Hitler, Della Ware, and hundreds--perhaps thousands of others--who have no provable identity, and, thus, no role in financing an election.

"This was paid for with the twice-broken promise to run a publicly-funded campaign.

"This was paid for in spite of hundreds of thousands of 'spare change' being donated from the Obama campaign to the group ACORN, which has now been implicated in the most widespread, concerted, systemic attempt at defrauding the American public through an election we've seen since Tamany Hall.

"It's nice that Senator Obama has the spare change to buy millions of dollars worth of air time; perhaps he could 'donate' some more of that spare change to the Los Angeles Times to see if they can get a little air time to broadcast a tape they're sitting on of him toasting Rashid Khalidi.

Just my take. Maybe, come to think of it, that would be a better sort of thing for a Vice Presidential candidate to say.

But, like SO MANY things this campaign, it really does need to be said.

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