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Talk About Leading With Your Jaw . . . 

It's pretty clear now that McCain got suckered in returning to Washington, D.C.--IT WAS THE RIGHT THING TO DO, to do his job, but it's clear that a trap was being laid for him.

It has been painfully obvious for years now that the President was not going to engage the political warfare leveled against him and his allies, so there was not going to be anybody to watch his back when Harry Reid et al . . . levelled the charge that there was a deal until John McCain arrived. And, now that the deal is not in place after two days, it really makes McCain look insignificant.

I don't know if, in the long run, being seen suspending his political ambition to do the country's business will leave the stronger impression. But I would (sadly) say that this has not been John McCain's best week of the campaign.

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