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The State of Play 

Well, we're one week past Labor Day now, and the conventions have passed, so it actually matters what things look like right now--as opposed to a couple months ago.

Gallup Daily Tracking: McCain 48%, Obama 45%

Rasmussen Daily Tracking: McCain 48%, Obama 48%

USA Today/Gallup: McCain 54%, Obama 44%

RCP Average: McCain 46.7%, Obama 45.7%

Um . . . .WOW! That's one surprising convention bounce.

Eight weeks is an eternity in politics, so you can be pretty sure that the race will still change a few times between now and November 5th. But . . . WOW!

You can tell the Obama camp is getting worried--all you have to do is contrast the end-of-convention messages from the opposing sides: McCain sends a simple congratulations to Obama in prime time in the middle of Obama's big moment; Obama buys an ad ridiculing McCain and Bush in the middle of McCain's big moment.

And that simple classy act by McCain tells you what you really need to know about these two men . . . and explains at least in part why McCain is ahead right now. I think the country is beginning to see the contrast:

The Man Who Talks the Talk vs. The Man Who Has Walked . . .Limped . . .the Walk

The Orator vs. The Hero

The Middleweight Dancer vs. the Heavyweight Brawler

The Poseurvs. The Patriot

Ok, so maybe the whole country doesn't see that last one--that's probably mostly me.

At any rate, it's a battle now, and the Obama people are probably both shocked and angered. Expect the REALLY sharp elbows to start getting thrown. This is a Chicago brawl now . . .

expect it to get ugly.

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