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On The Palin Selection, In New Light . . . 

I am assuming, for this post, that the McCain camp is being truthful when it says it knew about Palin's daughter's pregnancy prior to her selection to John McCain's ticket.

There was a good movie from a few years ago--not a great movie, but a good movie--called"Invincible." It was the story of Vince Papale (played by Mark Wahlberg), an ordinary Joe who, as a gimmick by a rookie coach, got a tryout with the Philadelphia Eagles back in the 70's.

At one point in the movie, the coach character (Dick Vermeil, played by Greg Kinnear) is debating final cuts. His wife walks in and asks him how it's going, and he says he's stuck on Papale.

wife: Aren't you fond of the saying that "hard times don't make character--they reveal it."

Vermeil: Oh, character isn't the issue--he's got loads of character.

wife: Who said I was talking about him?

In light of today's news, I get the feeling that a similar debate went on in the McCain camp at some point last week. And, to no surprise, John McCain revealed his character.

With his back against the wall, needing to do something bold and exciting, he stuck with Sarah Palin, even though this skeleton in her closet was bound to come out.

I have NO problem with him sitting across the table from Kim or Ahmedinijad or Putin. Character will always rise to the occasion. Hats off, Senator.

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