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More On The Speeches I Would Like To Hear 

Since, maybe, it looks like we might actually get to hear some of this this week. Again, from Gov. Palin:

I have personally been through five pregnancies; each one of them has resulted in a blessing to my family. We are now, as a family, going through another pregnancy, this one unplanned, but which will most certainly produce another wonderful blessing to my family.

I can tell you clearly, as a veteran of six pregnancies, that more than one of them ended up being inconvenient, if not downright painful. And yet, I have once to hear a single person in my house refer to the little child that is growing in its mother's womb as anything other than "the baby."

Granted, in the third trimester, they each take on a few additional nicknames . . .

But they are never, at any point, in any way, anything to my family other than a "baby."

Our opponents, on the other hand, both get nearly 100% ratings from the National Abortion Rights Action League. In fact, Senator Obama once cast a vote so that even babies that survive an abortion to draw breath outside the womb can still be "terminated."

Unplanned pregnancies are painful; they are difficult; they are trying . . .

But, Senator, if you truly wish to "restore America's moral standing in the world," perhaps we should start by ending the wanton killing of "inconvenient" babies.

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