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Missed Opportunity/New Opportunity 

I'm not in the habit of giving advice to the Obama campaign--though, God knows, they need some new ideas kicking around there right now.

But I'm seeing the whole Palin/email hack as a tremendous opportunity for Obama to really act like an agent of change. Here's what he should have said immediately after the news broke this afternoon:

The successful attempt by some to hack into Governor Palin's private e-mail account is criminal; the further actions by those persons to post that information, pictures, and various personal items on the internet is a low, base, cheap trick.

I can promise you one thing: if the person or persons who did this have any affiliation to my campaign, they will be out of a job. Immediately. Further, we will hand those persons over to federal authorities for the proper course of judicial action.

I am saddened that all of this seems to have eminated from a website that is generally friendly to my cause. And I am asking all of my supporters--ALL OF THEM--to stop trafficking in this materiel, to take all of it down off your websites immediately, and to never take this approach again.

This is the sort of thing that keeps good people out of public service. This is the sort of cheap campaign trick that makes Americans lose faith in the process.

There are serious issues that we need to resolve as a country, and we cannot do it if we are constantly looking to take down people from across the aisle with this sort of attack.

[And now, if you don't mind, Barbra wants to have a "sit-down," so I must jet away to Malibu.]

Oh, sorry . . . . that last part probably shouldn't be there.

But, since Obama doesn't seem to have made any statement on the attacks on Sarah Palin's privacy today, he leaves himself open to a counterattack. Probably not from McCain himself, who shouldn't be seen coming to her rescue; and not by Gov. Palin, either--she would do well if she could find some way to make a joke of this. I'm thinking a high-level female supporter of the campaign would do well to make this statement:

The attempt by some on the Left to invade the privacy of Gov. Palin is deplorable, it is shameful, and it is an embarrassment to the election process we are going through. No person, of any political affiliation, should be subject to having their personal lives broken into and laid out in this fashion.

Unfortunately, this has become the pattern of attack from the Left throughout the whole 21 day candidacy of Governor Palin. Starting with the media, then followed by the DNC and elements of the Obama campaign, and now with this, the Left has shown a remarkable level of calumny and hostility towards Governor Palin.

And, while we certainly recognize that Senator Obama is not in control of every element of his support, we are disappointed that he has not called for an end to this, and for the prosecution of those responsible. Unfortunately, this, too, is all part of the pattern we have seen from Senator Obama--cozying up to questionable persons, whether criminal like Tony Rezko, violent like William Ayers, hateful like Jeremiah Wright, or now despicable like these people--and then having to jettison them from his campaign when they become politically untenable.

How are we to now evaluate Senator Obama's message of "Hope and Change" when so many close to him are clearly so without hope that they engage in this sort of activity, and so many of them are fully steeped in the same sleazy politics that defines the Chicago political world the Senator came up through?

I suppose a few more $11 million fundraisers at the homes of Hollywood elites could buy the Senator more bumper stickers, but they can't hide the hypocricy of his support.

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