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"Lipstick On A Pig" and other Democratic Follies 

I think it's safe to say that the Democrats are in full meltdown mode right now.

Starting with the most important gaffe, the One's "lipstick" comment, I would have to say that he did himself no favors, either in the gaffing or in the defending. For what it's worth, my wife did not see or read about the comment until this morning--her immediate reaction was "he's talking about Palin. Oh. My. God. What a jerk!"

Whether he intended it or not--THAT'S WHAT PEOPLE HEARD. And he can't take that back.

But then to go to a friendly audience this morning, where he takes no questions, is safe from challenge, and issue that smarmy, condescending counterattack in which he has the AUDACITY to say that it's the media's fault is, frankly, SMALL of him.

So, for the record, in the last twenty-nine hours he's been perceived (let's be generous) to have taken a swipe at his opponent's VP pick, and then attacked a media that the general public really believes is completely biased towards him, anyway.

That's a pretty good day's work, Senator.

But we're not done yet.

No, then his own running mate goes on to acknowledge that Hillary would have been a better choice for Veep.

The chairwoman of the South Carolina Democratic Party says Sarah Palin's primary qualification is that "she's never had an abortion."

Then some obscure Tennessee Democrat likens Obama to Jesus while equating Sarah Palin to Pontius Pilate (for the record, Democrats really ought to avoid making religious references--they seem to botch them pretty badly).

And, just for fun, let's bring up Biden one more time, this time for inviting a wheelchair bound state legislator from Missouri ( I think) to "stand up."

Don't you have to wonder how serious the talks in Democratic circles have become about the "Toricelli Option," throwing Biden under the Obama bus in a couple weeks (days?!) and replacing him with Hillary?

Nobody expected a close race. And that fact that it is, combined with the Democrat's sense of entitlement to this election, has really got them unspooling.

And it's kind of fun to watch.

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