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Life is Not All Politics 


Yeah, sure, they benefited from both some amazing luck [DOINK!] and some bizarrely bad game management on the part of the “21st ranked” West Virginia Mountaineers.

And, sure, they couldn’t get within sniffing distance of a score after the first ten minutes until the referee put the ball down at the 25 in overtime.

But a win is a win is a win. And for a program that has been desperate for wins for the past four years, this was huge. And on national TV (hello! Recruiting. . . ) on a night that not too much else was going on.

I’d say they still have a long way to go. But the defense is better than we thought, the really young offense didn’t make any game-changing mistakes, and the kicking game won it when it had the chance.

I actually think the game next Saturday in Tallahassee could be a lot better than anybody thought it would be—hey, last year CU played Georgia tough between the hedges. Could you imagine CU coming home to go into their conference schedule with a 4-0 record?

It could happen.

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