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Leading With Your Chin--A Thousand Times Over!! 

The House Republicans just got WORKED!!

I don't care if the bailout was the worst piece of garbage legislation ever put together (and let's face it--that would take some real doing), it's hard to see right now how this comes close to accomplishing ANYTHING!

This was a set-up from the word go. To wit:

House leaders, meanwhile, did support the bill and did whip it. But this wasn't a party-loyalty vote; lawmakers were asked to vote yes, but they weren't threatened. They (probably) weren't bribed. Add all that up, and you had a power vacuum.

Add to that that Nancy Pelosi went to the floor of the House in the minutes before the vote and excoriated Republicans, at a time when she "wanted their votes", and . . .

In other words, the Democrats didn't really want this to pass.

So, here are the consequences:

:the stock market tanks--off 777 points!

:though 95 Democrats also voted no (because it didn't go far enough towards Socialism), 2/3 of the Republicans voted no--in other words, the Republicans beat this bill; we get the blame

:John McCain appears powerless to influence the members of his own party, much less across the aisle

:now the Democrats can pass whatever rescue plan they want, loaded up with goodies for ACORN, et. al, and there's nothing we can do about it.

This looks like the October Surprise, come early. It's--I must admit--a masterful political ploy by the Democrats. If this is how good they are at this, and this is how bad we are at this, then maybe we don't deserve to win.

Which is good, since we aren't going to . . .

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