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Just To Review 

Here are just a few of the things Barack Obama will be known for, if the "professional journalist" class would ever do its job:

:all summer, John McCain challenged Obama to a series of lengthy, free-form debates; Obama ran from them

:When McCain took an ad congratulating Obama on his nomination, Obama responded by running an ad mocking McCain

:the Obama campaign has now, famously, created an ad mocking McCain for his inability to work email--never quite seeing the irony, I suppose, of criticizing him for doing a task that his war injuries makes very painful

:Obama has untertaken a concerted effort to shut the voices of the opposition through intimidation

:Obama has now been noted to be running a substantially more negative campaign than McCain.

:And now, with the country in crisis, Obama has rebuffed an offer by McCain to postpone the debate on Friday so that they could both get back to Washington to DO THEIR JOBS!

This is one classy guy. Gosh, I hope he gets to represent the United States to the world for the next four years.

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