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A Good One-Two Combination 

I saw a couple of pretty good ads yesterday as I was watching the Broncos debacle. Unfortunately, they were both for Obama.

The first featured Obama alone, in a leather chair in what looked like a library, speaking directly to the camera. In it, he says the collapse of the lending industry is the "final verdict" on eight years of failed Bush economic policies." Then he articulates three points to fix the system, and points listeners to his website where they can see the whole ten-point plan. Very simple, very smart--Obama talking straight to Americans, and beginning to articulate a "grand vision"--energy independence in ten years with an emphasis on creating jobs in America.

That "grand vision" thing is something John McCain has never gotten within sniffing distance of.
A lot like another aging, war-hero Senator . . . Bob something-or-other . .

The second ad was from MoveOn.org, articulating all the ties McCain has to Phil Gramm, and Tom Davis, and how all his advisors are neck deep in the problems that created the lending crisis. Or, at least, that's what the ad says. It's direct, hard hitting, and, more importantly, IT GOT ON THE AIR FIRST. So the friends of McCain are still, at best, getting their boots on, while this ad is making an impression all over the country.

A one-two punch that hits immediately after a week in which McCain was NOT the clear winner of a debate on his strong suit, Sarah Palin was underwhelming again in a face-to-face with Katie Couric (how bad is it to be out-done by Katie Couric? not exactly Walter Cronkite), and McCain's bold move to try to rescue the rescue seems to have been ineffective.

Now, on our side, I saw an ad from the NRA making the case that Barack Obama is going to take away our guns. Pretty unimpressive.

I'm wondering where in the world are the friends of McCain? Every ad that's been run against Obama--and a couple have been pretty good--has been in conjunction with the RNC, and that kinda handcuffs him on the whole attack thing.

If I don't see this ad by the end of next weekend's football action, I'll be about ready to write this off:

[narrator] MoveOn.org recently put an ad up attacking John McCain's "friends." MoveOn.org--the same organization that called General David Petraeus "General Betray-Us" [show graphic of NYTimes] while he was in the middle of turning the tide on the War in Iraq, wants to criticize John McCain's friends.

[show clip of Rev. Wright] ". . . not God Bless America, God D#*N America [superimpose picture of Obama with words "Barack Obama's friend and spiritual mentor"]

[show clip of Michelle Obama] " . . . for the first time, I'm proud of my country, I'm proud of America" [superimpose picture of firefighters and police rushing to World Trade Center, then superimpose picture of Obama with words "Barack Obama's most trusted advisor and wife"]

[show clip of Tony Rezko doing the perp walk; superimpose headline "convicted of fraud and corruption"; superimpose picture of Obama with words "Barack Obama's friend, financial advisor, and broker of sweetheart deal on Obama's Chicago mansion"]

[show picture of Harold Raines with words "Obama's economic advisor"; show picture of Jim Johnson with words "Obama Vice Presidential search chairman"; then show graphic of the two's history with Fanny and Freddie, along with their golden parachutes for when they left]

[show picture of William Ayers, morph it into his mug shot from 40 years ago; then show "only wishes he could have done more--that is, bombed the Pentagon and the Capitol more;" superimpose picture of Obama with the words "Launched Obama's political career with a fundraiser at his home"]

[narrator] The next time you hear a group criticize someone else's friends, consider the source. Consider whose friend THEY are. And then ask yourself, if these are his friends, why WOULDN'T Barack Obama want to sit down with Hugo Chavez and Mahmoud Ahmedinijad? He should be right at home in their company.

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