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Catching Up 

A series of other obligations has kept me off of my keyboard for a few days, so here's the spew of what has accumulated in that time.

:Charles Gibson All I need to know, really, is this: my wife watched about ten minutes of the interview, concluded "He's a JERK!" and then turned to something else. I can't believe that that wasn't the dominant reaction all over the country.

:Sarah Palin I thought she seemed a little juiced up for the interview, like she might have had a little too much caffeine beforehand. But, given the tone of the questions, I can only imagine what was actually going through her mind.

:ABC NEWS should be ASHAMED (not that the Left has any capacity for shame) for the editing it of the interview (as reported by Mark Levin)

:NYTimes threw a big old flurry at Sarah Palin over the weekend--to no avail. She's still standing, still dancing around the ring, like Rocky in the third round with Clubber Lang, while the Grey Lady is fatigued in her corner, running out of credibility.

:The media has clearly concluded that it would rather lose all of its credibility than lose this election.

:Have you ever noticed how angry the Left gets when our side joins the "Culture Wars?" They cry "foul" with all the irony of the Soviet Union complaining that the Czecks shot at them back in 1968.

:From where I sit to watch my television, it would seem Republicans have figured out the 527 game, and are staying in the game to win it. Every distortion. . . er, ad. . . by Mark Udall is matched by one by Bob Schaffer; and every outright lie by one of Udall's supporters is matched by a counterpunch from friends of Schaffer. I've even seen a number of ads run in the Denver market for State Senate and State House candidates. Very encouraging, indeed.

:Speaking of ads for State Senate . . . yesterday I saw a new ad up for Libby Szabo, who is an excellent candidate for the open seat in the Arvada area. And, after hammering away at energy issues for the last two months, this one was about education. And I thought to myself . . . "OOOOHHH! Getting in the OODA Loop! Excellent! " Evie Hudak is a weak candidate--a career tool of Big Education who simply thinks this is the next logical step for her career. Sadly, such steps rarely have actual agendas, and hers fits that bill to a "tee."

:roxblogging for the second, sad time this year I will mention the Rockies. To quote one of the local sportscasters, "If last year featured 'Rocktober,' this year features 'Sucktember.' " 'Nuff said.

:How 'Bout That Shanahan? Sure, the game was saved by a blown call . . . but it could just as easily been given away by a bad coach's decision. The only thing I can think of, other than that he had a "gut" like he said in the presser, was this: he has a kicker who just made a 52-yarder, who maybe he trusted to get an onside kick if he needed to, and one timeout to play with. If the 2 fails, he gets the onside, two quick hits to receivers who nobody can cover, and a shot at a long field goal to win it. Plus, putting it in overtime gives him an instant (coinflip) 50/50 shot at losing, since we couldn't stop anybody, either.

Either that, or he knew he was riding an unusual wave of luck, and just wanted to play out the streak. On the house's money.

In any case, that was a gutsy call. Not exactly been Shanahan's style over the years . . .a refreshing change.

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