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Breathtaking Bias 

Not that it's at ALL surprising.

I had the misfortune of being out of touch for most of the day today. So, this evening, when I had a chance to catch up on the news, I did my usual flip over to FoxNews--it was at commercial. So desperate was I for information that I actually flipped down to CNN.

Big Mistake. Bad for the the heart kind of mistake.

I turned there just in time to see this story:

For decades, Sarah Palin went to church with people who spoke in tongues and believed in faith healing and the "end times." Her former pastor says the Pentecostal past of the GOP vice presidential nominee may now be being downplayed to avoid misunderstanding. But the pastor, Tim McGraw, says he's sure religion influences Palin's policy-making.

Of course, this is all delivered in dark, skeptical tones by one of the "team" of reporters sent to Alaska to dig up dirt . . .. er, um . . . . find out about Sarah Palin's history.

Understand, I'm not a Pentacostal (Assembly of God, to be specific), so I don't have a dog in that particular fight.

But, COME ON!!

If CNN is really all that interested in darkly intoning about the "fantastical" nature of Sarah Palin's belief structure, then let's have a little balance, shall we?

--How about we ask Joe Biden about exactly how the bread and wine actually become the Body and Blood.

--How about we ask Barack Obama . . . oh, never mind--his church has already been thrown under the bus.

--How about we ask Nancy Pelosi which miracle she believes happened according to the Beatification of Our Lady of Guadalupe.

--How about we ask Harry Reid (NOT Mitt Romney) when exactly Joseph Smith was anointed by God and what were the circumstances of that.

You can see how this could get ridiculous.

Thank goodness CNN has shown the "professionalism" and the journalistic restraint to only ask about Sarah Palin.

Still, . . .one wonders why they chose her, and not one of the others.

I'm telling you, this is barely the tip of the iceberg. The media and the Obama campaign are in full melt-down right now, and they are absolutely going to throw the entire kitchen's-worth of dirty tricks at our side if things don't improve for Obama in the next six weeks. Some are saying the momentum is all on our side; if memory serves, that was also the case in mid-September two years ago. Then a little-known slimeball from Florida named Foley hit the scene, and it was 'game over.'

Expect seven or eight "Mark Foleys" to emerge from the media in October if McCain-Palin are still running ahead.

By the way, for a more even-handed, WHOLE STORY approach to the current religion debate, check out the links Hugh Hewitt has up on the American Bishops' smack-down of Nancy Pelosi two weeks ago, and then just today of Joe Biden.

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