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Physicists call this a non-elastic collision. As in, NO BOUNCE!

You won't hear this on the media because they're all verklempt about Hurricane Gustav. But CNN/Opinion Research has a new poll out yesterday, taken completely after Obama's speech and the naming of Sarah Palin, and it's bad news for Obama.

A CNN/Opinion Research Corp. poll released Sunday night shows the Obama-Biden ticket leading the McCain-Palin ticket by one point, 49 percent to 48 percent, a statistical dead heat. . . .

A previous CNN poll, taken just one week earlier, suggested the race between Sens. McCain, R-Arizona, and Obama, D-Illinois, was tied at 47 percent each.

So, apparently, the Obamacles failed to make the sale.

In addition, the Rasmussen Tracking poll moved back in McCain's direction by one point, and the Gallup Tracking moved back towards McCain two points.

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