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Wouldn't This Be Fun? 

Remember last weekend, late Friday night, the media started circling around Obama, waiting for news of his Veep pick? It seems to me that I was watching TV at about 1100 pm Friday night--100 am eastern time--when the "breaking news" flashed that ABC had confirmed that it was NOT going to be Tim Kaine or one other guy. It might have been earlier, but it seems to me that it dominated the 24-hour media for a few hours.

And the way these things work, it almost had to be the result of a deliberate leak from the Obama campaign.

SO . . . .

How much you want to bet that the "leaks" from the McCain camp start trickling out at about 900 pm tonight? He's already said that he might announce tomorrow--why not start the fun early?

Nothing in politics happens by accident. And McCain is about as "old school" as it gets.

I'm just saying . . .

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