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What HAS Your Legislator Done For You Lately? 

It's a very good question, don't you think.

I'm searching the record, and I'm trying to think of one significant way that Sara Gagliardi has improved my life. So far I've found this:

:in her first year in the State Legislature, she sponsored 29 bills; of those, the vast majority passed with only 1 or 0 "No" votes.

In other words, they were completely inconsequential.
:one bill she authored did not even make it to the floor for a vote--her own party didn't want anything to do with an "opt-out" from junk mail.

:Of the others, there's this:

:HB 1269, which passed along straight party lines, which extended Colorado's smoking ban to the casinos.

And, that's all. Yep--that's it. Finis. Finito. Your legislator working hard for you.

Among things she did NOT sponsor, she did manage to join her party voting to extend unionization into the state government (which had to be vetoed, only to reappear via Executive fiat . . .er, order); she did manage to vote against increasing academic requirements for graduation, but vote to create standards for Sex Education in the schools.

So the entire track record of Sara Gagliardi's first year in office as a part of the majority was:
--no academic standards
--Sex Ed standards
--banned smoking in casinos, which encroaches on personal rights and hurt casinos financially

Pretty impressive. Feeling good about MY representation.

Oooooh, wait . . . I bet she supported the great governmental move towards endless studies which amount to NOTHING!

Yep, still feeling good

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