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Quick Hits 

--Good luck to Joshua Sharf, Republican candidate for State House and member of the RMA. Tomorrow's primary should be rather interesting, with a couple tight races all around the state.

--The genius of some school districts: Jefferson County Public Schools opens up for business tomorrow; in its wisdom, the first day that students will be trying to find their way around schools is also a day where hundreds of people will be wandering in to vote; and, by the way, the school district will be asking for more money from the voters in a few months--wonder how much extra they're spending trying to air condition the buildings starting on Aug 12?

--Russia is escalating and expanding . . . just like it did at the beginning of another rookie Democrat's Presidential term 48 years ago. Kennedy drew a line and made it hold; does anybody think Obama is capable of that?

--just got a glance at my public service bill for the month; not to reveal personal stuff, but OUCH!! The combination of record-setting heat and no precipitation just killed. So, it occurred to me that, had XCel Energy asked for and gotten a rate hike to reflect the cost of generating electricity from $4/gal petrol, this bill might be unpayable. I hate to think what the winter months will bring. And, given the market's reaction to the President removing his moritorium on offshore drilling, it only further begs the question, "WHEN ARE THE DEMOCRATS GOING TO ACT?" Big hats-off to the GOP in the House for pressing the point; McCain could do a lot of good if he would just go to the Hill with his camera entourage. (good point, bro)

--Is it just me, or is it possible the entire shape of this election could be different by November 1? Just four months ago, it was all about Iraq; then it was about oil and $4/gal; now Russia looks to be a major issue. Do we even know what will really be the issue in three months?

And, given that, do we really want to turn it over to somebody with NO meaningful experience at all?

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