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My Legislator Hard At Work, Some More 

Sara Gagliardi worked almost as hard in 2008 as she did in 2007. This session, she was the primary sponsor of 14 bills. Primary sponsor, as in, that's what's really important to her--her top priorities. Here's what happened . . . .

:the first two passed with a total of three dissenting votes on the 17th day of the session--in other words, TOTALLY INCONSEQUENTIAL

:House Bill 1100 passes by a slimmer margin--47-17; it was to "adjust fees": is that code for raising taxes? anybody? anybody?

:two bills and one resolution died before getting to the point of final vote, either in the Senate or in committee--HER OWN PARTY COULDN'T MUSTER FOR THESE! Also, two resolutions passed the Senate with no dissenters, but never came over to the House side. Must have been pretty important, huh?

:5 others passed with a grand total of 8 dissenters--also, TOTALLY INCONSEQUENTIAL!

:Senate Bill 152 was close--39-25; it increased regulation on occupational therapy providers. Did that particular industry need more regulation? Just askin . . .

And, um . . That's All, folks. So, to total it up, in 2008 Sara Gagliardi:

--sponsored five things that never saw the light of day
--sponsored seven things of no importance whatsoever
--increased taxes
--and increased regulation

Yep. Still feeling good about MY representative.

Sara Gagliardi is a meaningless tool of the Democratic leadership in Colorado. She doesn't have a legislative record that would indicate a single, unique, individual thought in her head. But, tomorrow, we'll dive into her statements on her website to see if there's any indication of individuality.

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