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McCain Veep Speculation 

McCain has announced that he's going to reveal is pick tomorrow morning, with nary a real leak to be found. But here's the speculation:

:Tim Pawlenty seems to be the number one name out there; it wouldn't surprise me at all if this is just misdirection

:FoxNews is reporting that Mitt Romney will be in Dayton, OH tomorrow with John McCain, as well as Mike Huckabee (update: Huck has emailed supporters telling them he will NOT be in Ohio)

:no word on any of the "out of the box" candidates like Meg Whitman.

I really like that this is part of the news cycle tonight. It will end the talk of Obama's speech early, but the fact that the campaign has vowed "no authorized leaks" makes them look above it all . . . sort of.

I also thnk that the Pawlenty pick, if it ends up being for real, makes one thing very clear about the McCain team's opinion of where it's at: VERY COMFORTABLE. Pawlenty is not a sexy pick, he's not a "out of the box" pick--he's safe, he's got solid conservative credentials, and he's been elected twice in a traditionally safe blue state. I doubt he puts Minnesota in play, but I don't think the McCain people care.

I think this reveals that they think they can win this thing without a home run.

That is, if it IS Pawlenty. If it's one of the others, well . . .

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