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Irony Is Just Wasted On These People 

So, let's review the actual news of the week:

Aleksandr Solzenitsyn dies on Sunday, and is given a state funeral. Solzenitsyn, of course, was a Nobel Laureate author who leapt to prominence by exposing the horrible human rights record of the old Soviet Union.

On Thursday, Russia invades the former Soviet Republic of Georgia.

On Friday the Olympic Games begin in China, and President Bush sits two seats away from former KGB head and Russian President, Vladimir Putin. Apparently, there were "extended conversations" about the situation. By the way, there was an old convention of observing a ceasefire during the Olympic Games, in deference to the "spirit of the games."

Is it just me?

By the way, here's how our two Presidential candidates called the play, in part:

Obama: “I strongly condemn the outbreak of violence in Georgia, and urge an immediate end to armed conflict. Now is the time for Georgia and Russia to show restraint, and to avoid an escalation to full scale war. "

McCain: “Today, news reports indicate that Russian military forces crossed an internationally-recognized border into thesovereign territory of Georgia. Russia should immediately and unconditionally cease its military operations and withdraw all forces from sovereign Georgian territory. "

Huh. I wonder why their takes are so different? Why, for instance, would Obama call on both sides to show restraint, while McCain makes it clear that Russia should stop what it's doing.

Oh, yeah, that's right--BECAUSE RUSSIA INVADED GEORGIA!!

If it weren't so sad, it would be really funny.

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