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How To Reveal Pandering 

No, the answer isn't as simple as "show a Democrat talking."

But it's not that much more complicated.

Given that Mark Udall has now had a change of heart with regard to domestic energy production, maybe he can show some real leadership. And maybe a "professional" journalist can press him to do just that by asking one question:

Mr. Udall, will you now return to Washington to join Republicans in calling for a return of the Congress to the Capitol to pass an Energy Bill?

Get him on record saying "no" to that; get him on camera arguing that five weeks raising money in Colorado for his next job is more important than doing his current job. I want to see that b-roll.

I swear, if I were a Republican candidate right now, I would do nothing but go to the steps of the Capitol and talk about the arrogance and the radicalism of Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats. AND THEN USE TECHNOLOGY to get the message to your constituents. Barack Obama has raised cargo boats full of cash on the internet this year--surely one or two Republicans can manage to duplicate that feat.

I especially like how even the Denver Post notices motives:

The Democratic candidate for the Senate joins his party in trying to neutralize the GOP's strength on the issue.

You want to neutralize our strength? Develop some genuine strength of your own.

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