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Here Comes Gustav 

I know the conventional wisdom holds that another major hurricane landing in Louisiana on the same week as the RNConvention would only be a painful reminder of the debacle that was Katrina.

But I disagree. I see this as a phenomenal opportunity.

If Bobby Jindal handles this well--and there's every reason to believe that he will--then it might actually cancel out the narrative from three years ago. Suddenly, the story might be not how did FEMA/Bush fail in Katrina, but how is it that a young, inexperienced Republican Governor could manage the crisis, where the Blanco/Nagins team failed so badly?

Oddly, a few months ago I wrote about the story line of The West Wing that seemed completely prescient--young, attractive unknown Democrat comes out of nowhere to win his Party's nomination to go against a maverick senior Republican Senator. In the end, WW got the Democratic victory it wanted by derailing the Republican in an act of God scenario.

There's an act of God bearing down on the Gulf of Mexico, but the person in the lead right now is Obama, and a good showing by a competent Republican could change the whole story line.

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