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:Indy Mac Fails

does this mean I don't have to pay my mortgage? Or is Congress gonna jump in and help by costing me an extra couple hundred a month?

:Reality Check on Obama

bottom line?

Curiously, the only legislative accomplishments Obama talks about are those from his days in the Illinois senate, yet he's been in the U.S Senate for 3 years now.

:Ritter is Headed To Norway

I wonder if he's gonna spend time looking at their robust, independent, off-shore oil production?

Probably not.

:I just finished a book called "90 Minutes in Heaven." It's about a guy who is killed in a car accident--actually dead, declared dead by the EMT's and remained in the car for 90 minutes unattended, until a preacher happened on him and prayed him back to life.

Or something like that.

It tells of his experiences in Heaven, and, really, it wasn't anything all that new--there have been many such stories documented over the years of people who have near-death/death experiences. Which got me thinking . . .

If all these stories seem to be pretty much the same . . . somebody go ask Michael Newdow if he thinks its just possible that this is the actual experience on the other side? Not the blinking into oblivion that he believes in.

:The new Children's Hospital in Aurora is a wonder. I visited a friend there the other day, and the way they treat the patients, and the way they've appointed the facility is really amazing. If you're cursed enough to need to rush your child to the hospital, may you be blessed enough to have a facility like this to go to.

:Tough Summer

Just got my public service bill for the last 30 days--it was high. Know why? The average temperature over the last 30 days was 71 . . .last year it was 63 during the same time frame.

Before anybody says squat about "global warming", just remember that the average temperature in Des Moines over the last 30 days was 3-4 degrees cooler than last year. Weather changes, ya' know. Depends where you are.

:Speaking of weather, we have the first hurricane of the season. Might have a little work to do to reach that forecast of 8 hurricanes this year.

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