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On Truth, Fact, Religion and Myth 

[giant hat tip to Ben for this one]

No, this isn't a theological post.

I think I've learned my lesson about that.

Actually, I'll begin from here:

Your science is flawed; your hypothesis is wrong; your data is manipulated and may I add your scare tactics are deplorable. The earth does not have a fever. Carbon dioxide does not cause significant global warming.

This is the conclusion of John Coleman, long-time meteorologist and the founder of The Weather Channel.

There--is HE scientific enough for you? No? How about . . .

But when 31,000 scientists refuted global warming a month ago the media hardly mentioned it. He said that compares to 2,000 pro-global warming scientists on the UN climate change panel who claim that the issue is settled.

31-2 . . . 31-2 . . . Perhaps the weight of scientific opinion is not quite as lopsided as Al Gore would have you believe.

And then, from the abstract to the specific:

The run of recent warm years comes on the heels of a period of falling temperatures that extended from the early1940s through the early 1980s. Previous to then, temperatures warmed rapidly from the1910s through the 1930s, long before high levels of industrial CO2 emissions. The highest annual average statewide temperature was observed in 1934.

This, from the lead paragraph of a report titled "Observed Climate Change and the Negligible
Global Effect of Greenhouse-gas Emission Limits in the State of Colorado" produced by the Science and Public Policy Institute.

The numbers are difficult to challenge, since they're the actual numbers--they're not projections based on computer simulations or models of what we think might happen if we assume clouds will always be white . . . or whatever else Al Gore uses to put out his horror films.

More . . .

The precipitation history of Colorado indicates that the first part of the
20th century was wetter than the latter part, and thus exhibits an apparent overall slight
downward trend. However, since 1950, the trend in precipitation is upwards indicating
that a recovery is ongoing from the mid-20th century lows.

Bet you've never heard that little factoid before.

But more useful as we talk about policy going forward:

a complete cessation of all CO2 emissions in Colorado will be undetectable globally, and would be entirely subsumed by rising global emissions in just less than a month’s time.

Sure, but we should all follow Gov. Ritter down the sinkhole of the "new energy economy" because it sounds cool, and by the time he leaves office, it'll be too late to realize how damaging his idea is compared to the benefits.

But that's never stopped a Democrat before . . .

a cessation of all of Colorado’s CO2 emissions would result in a climatically-irrelevant global temperature reduction by the year 2100 of about three thousandths of a degree Celsius.

But if all 50 states do it . . . then we have a reduction over the next century of 1/10th of one degree.

Whoo. That almost makes it worth it to wreck the economy.

What do I mean "Wreck the economy?" Well . . . .

SAIC found that by the year 2020, average annual household income in Colorado would decline by $977 to $3167 and by the year 2030 the decline would increase to between $4019 and $7328. The state would stand to lose between 21,000 and 31,000 jobs by 2020 and between 57,000 and 76,000 jobs by 2030. At the same time gas prices could increase by over $5 a gallon by the year 2030 and the states’ Gross Domestic Product could decline by then by as much as $11.6 billion/yr.

Now, I'm no economist, but it seems to me that all of that is, well, BAD.
So, next time somebody tries to get you to sacrifice your well-being to save the planet, ask them where you can make out your tithe, what time services are, and if there's a specific place for you to worship.

Because science, truth and fact have VERY little to do with the global warming debate--but Faith is absolutely central.

For another piece of counter-intuitive information on global warming, see this, which clearly states . . .

Changes in temperature precede changes in CO2, with a lag of around 800 years.

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