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"Obama Says His Foreign Tour Will Reassure Americans" 

Ummm . . . . .exactly, HOW?

U.S. Presidential Candidate Barack Obama hopes his visit to Europe and the Middle East will show U.S. voters that he is a safe pair of hands, the Democrat said in an interview on Friday.

"What this trip has done has allowed me to talk about some of the critical issues we face," Obama said in an interview . . .

I would stress that the operative word there is "talk."

So the question, and what I can't figure out why the press didn't ask him, is how going to Iraq, Afghanistan, Israel, and Berlin to TALK is any different than going to Detroit, Cleveland, Dallas, or Nashville to TALK. So, the man can give as good a speech in front of an audience that can't understand him as he does in front of an audience that doesn't want to understand him.

How does that reassure American voters?

One trip does not experience make; one speech does not judgment make.

A President needs both; Obama has neither.

ADDENDUM: Remarkably, I did note that Candy Crowley, in a CNN interview today, actually did bother to ask Obama if he didn't think it was arrogant and presumptive to give campaign speeches in Berlin and Israel. He artfully dodged, saying basically "McCain did it first."

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