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Just Shoot Us Now 

Oh, wait . . . that's exactly what they're trying to do.

I've been writing for about 18 months now about the insanity of American Rules of Engagement in the theater of the Global War on Terror. I had thought that maybe--just maybe--with the surge, that we may have regained some measure of sanity.

I guess I was wrong.

It had taken the American military many days to identify, track and target the senior Taliban officer. But the risk of civilian deaths was deemed too high. Air Force commanders, working with military lawyers, aborted the mission. The Taliban leader escaped.

I swear to God that if we manage to not completely screw up the GWOT (oh, wait . . . ) it will ONLY be because of the extraordinary courage, intelligence and imagination of the men and women on the ground. Most any decision made by anybody wearing a suit has been one that endangers our men and women, and makes it nearly impossible for them to do their job.

But that's just me. I like winning. And in war, generally speaking, winning means killing a lot more of their guys than they kill of yours.

[Necessary Disclaimer: By the way, as I've mentioned before, I know NOTHING. I've never worn the uniform, I've never even played "US Navy Seals: SoCom." So, if you military-types out there think I'm full of crap, please educate me better. ]

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