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Hey, Did You Know The Dems Want Religious Votes? 

Just in case you missed it Saturday, the Rocky managed to run the THIRD profile of the lady, who happens to be a Pentacostal Minister, who is running the Convention in Denver.

THIRD profile.

Is this overkill on this lady, or is it just me?

Or maybe--just MAYBE--is the media really trying hard to change the narrative for the Democrats? Awful nice of the media to work that hard for them.

Amazingly, it doesn't seem to be working:

But a survey released last week called that into question. Despite Obama's robust religious outreach, only about one-quarter of white evangelicals support him, according to the Pew Forum on Religion and Public Life — about the same number that supported Democrat John Kerry at this juncture four years ago.

I think, maybe, that's because Evangelicals don't really recognize Obama's form of Christianity. He could make it simple: come out with a strong statement of his belief the Jesus Christ is THE Way and THE Truth and THE Light, and that none come to the Father but through Him.

Evangelicals would recognize that. Most of the rest of the Democratic Establishment would have sudden, immediate aneurisms, but . . . Besides, that would hurt Obama's standing among his supporters who are waiting for him to make the seas recede.

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