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Exactly How Does This Work? 

Try something, just for grins: do a Google search of the words "Obama foreign policy credentials". Any time a Google search brings up a bunch of the exact same hits--all from major media--you have to suspect a little bit of collusion, don't you?

At any rate, let's think about this for just a minute: "Obama Looking To Bolster Foreign Policy Credentials." It really doesn't matter where you get the link--you could go to any of the major networks and get the same, exact story, since all three of them are travelling with him. But seriously, how is this one trip going to bolster his credentials in any serious way? What would that look like on a resume, exactly?

NAME: Obama, Barack H.
AGE: 46

POSITION APPLIED FOR: President of the United States; Commander-In-Chief, U.S. Military; Healer of Seas; Messiah

RELEVANT EXPERIENCE (in reverse order):

2007-present Member, Senate Foreign Relations Committee
July, 2008 Congressional Delegation, Middle East and SouthWest Asia
Aug, 2004 Speech at DNC

Then what? Page 2? There are 40 other Senators who have a better resumes than that, and the one running against Obama has about seven pages on "Relevant Experience." So Dan Williams and Katie Couric and Charlie Gibson want you to believe that one trip overseas counts for experience. It's laughable.

But that's the media narrative. Nothing we can do about that.

Except continue to point out to other people around you that McCain doesn't need to make trips like this during election season because he's been there a few times before . . . "a few" like as in twenty.

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