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Couldn't Have Said This Better, Myself 

Luckily, somebody with a little "name" said it for me.

Because the normal stories that would have been written about someone just never appeared. The truth of the matter was, there seemed to be an unlimited market for anything on Hillary and very little market for writing a story on Barack Obama and say, for example, his attendance in the Senate. There has still been no story written about something like that—as basic as something like that. . . .

Well, I think, look, he had tremendous help from the media. No one has gotten media coverage— If he had gotten fair media coverage…

...Look, there’s no question that the Obama campaign took comments that could not in any way, shape, or form in an objective reality be seen as racist, and they told surrogates to characterize them that way.

Who, you might ask, dared call out the media and the Obamessiah that way.

None other than Mark Penn--Hillary's number one guy.

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