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As Usual, Newt Has Good Idea 

And it's one that every Republican candidate ought to shout from the rafters at every event and campaign stop, and in front of every camera everywhere.

Americans believe deeply that these problems can be solved if only our leaders would quit campaigning and suspend partisan fighting for six weeks to take steps to strengthen America.

Americans would like to see the two Presidential candidates suspend their campaigns for the six weeks - from now to the Democratic National Convention - and come back to Washington to work together and get something done.

Americans would like to see President Bush and the House and Senate stay in Washington until an effective, powerful comprehensive energy bill is passed.

If we can't afford to go on vacation, why should they?

This is brilliant on two levels: one, it would focus America's attention on the inaction of the Democratic Congress to deal seriously with this issue over the last two years; and two, it might--MIGHT--actually lead to something resembling a solution.

Bob Schaffer, in particlar, should tout this idea. If anybody wants to see in most stark terms just how far to the Left of most Coloradans Mark Udall really is, energy policy is the low-hanging fruit.

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