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Riddle Me This 

What do the following have in common?

:The inexplicable decision of SCOTUS to grant habeas corpus to unlawful combatants held at Gitmo and elsewhere

:The casualty numbers from Iraq for May

:Gasoline prices topping $4/gallon at the pump

:unemployment jumping last month to 5.5% (which, by the way, in historical terms, is still pretty darn low)

:Barack Obama has won the Democratic Party nomination and seems to have a slight advantage in the polls over John McCain

:the Republican-appointed head of the EPA decided a couple week back that the polar bear--all evidence to the contrary--is threatened by global warming

:John McCain has jumped on the bandwagon saying that ANWAR should be off limits and by embracing a "cap-and-trade" greenhouse emissions program

:the housing market and credit market crunches of the past year seem to show no signs of abating

Just ponder that list for 24 hours or so, and I'll tell you what I think it all means tomorrow.

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