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Obama Follies, Week in Review 

This week, Barack Obama . . .

:blamed the Republicans for failing to get Osama bin Laden. Let's see . . . if we're not allowed to "bring into question a politician's patriotism" because we doubt his/her judgment, why, exactly, is Obama allowed to get away with a thing like this? Oh, never mind, I know why.

And, in case Obama forgets his history [again], he needs to remember that bin Laden got away when we handed over responsibility for being the anvil to our hammer to one of our allies. The approach Democrats have been screaming for for six years ("work with our allies, blah blah blah") has been proven ridiculously wrong. Yet, he still works the theme--Democrats just don't WANT to learn.

:and speaking of relying on old, failed policies . .

he lauded the law enforcement model of pursuing the War on Terror. Yes, Senator--we did get one or two people behind bars. In the meantime, OBL kept planning and playing, and five years later U.S. Sailors died because we couldn't get an indictment on OBL. But, by all means, let's stick to the model (The math, by the way, is Clinton/Democrat approach:2, Bush/War/Gitmo/etc : 10,000 plus).

:and he preemptively cried "foul" on Republican attacks on his race. Once again, in what world is this NOT playing the race card? Why is blaming Republicans for being racist before they ever do anything NOT just as racist--or WORSE--than the attacks that he supposes are on their way? WHY does the press let him get away with this crap.

Oh, never mind.

But if McCain manages to store up enough of this and chooses to use it, Obama is really setting himself up.

See, McCain can't actually attack Obama--he's proven to be too teflon and too nimble for anything to work. But if he manages to simply make the country aware of Obama--the reality behind the happy rhetoric and charisma--he may be able to knock him of his damn high horse.

If he gets to work on it soon enough.

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