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Might Have To Miss This One 

Says Will Smith, a person whose race has obviously made it difficult for him to find his "niche" in American life:

WILL SMITH: You know I just, I just came back from Moscow, Berlin, London and Paris and it's the first, I've been there quite a few times in the past five to 10 years. And it just hasn't been a good thing to be American. And this is the first time, since Barack has gotten the nomination, that it, it was a good thing.


I'm not a big fan of boycots, so I am in no way advocating that anybody join me in avoiding Hancock. But, I just don't see any reason to contribute to this guy's pocketbook.

Which, I know, is cruel. Seeing as how he's barely getting by on his $20,000,000 per movie.

It IS tough to be an American.

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