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McCain's Big Idea 

So, John McCain has proposed a $300 million reward for a really good battery-operated car.

Okay. Interesting.

I have a better idea. The person who comes up with this thing is going to make WAY more than $300 mil. So maybe he should take that $300 million and divide it up into 200 different grants for motor heads, mech.engineering students, and people like my neighbor kid who spends 20 hours a day on his computer playing simulations to do what they do best--build new stuff.

I think we all instinctively know that the next thing is NOT going to come from Detroit. The intellectual culture of the corporations is just too bankrupt.

But I have a lot of faith in people like the guys who race up at Bandimere Speedway--guys who can take a '67 Nova and turn it in to a 250 mph rocket ship (don't forget to wear your helmets, boys). I bet somebody's already come up with something great, but doesn't have the capital or the time ('cuz motor heads tend to have jobs, too) to develop it the way it should be.

A little grant money might be just the thing to get the American people busy on solving this problem.

A problem, by the way, that Congress seems completely indifferent to.

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