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Losing Our Collective Minds 

The headline scrolling across the bottom of the 9News ticker all day long was this:

Supreme Court Upholds Second Amendment.

At first, of course, my reaction was "good--about time they got one right this term."

And then it struck me: how in the HELL can the Supreme Court purport to even rule on the actual second amendment? So, what . . .? the Court managed to find the the Constitution was Constitutional? Well, good for them!

I know the ruling was on the Constitutionality of the D.C. handgun ban. But I think 9News actually had a little Freudian slip, there. Judging from the recent rulings, I think the Court is quite happy to arrogate to itself the duty of ruling on the Constitutionality of Articles 1-7, with all the Amendments.

Either the "professional journalist" class doesn't understand what the Supreme Court does, or, as part of the "elites," it actually believes that it is the role of SCOTUS to sit in judgment over the Constitution itself. Both scenarios are believable.

And equally disturbing.

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