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Legitimate Reform That Violates The PC Code 

In ways big and small, gender is playing more of a role in public education as schools explore separating the sexes in lunchrooms, classes or even entire schools.

Single-sex education has been a longtime province of private and parochial schools, but recent research and school choice are making it an attractive option for public schools despite protests from civil libertarians. [emphasis mine]

Why would they do this? What in the world would motivate schools to do such a change "despite protests from civil libertarians?

. . .a federal analysis in 2005 that examined more than 2,000 studies on single-sex classes. It revealed that a third of the studies reported a positive result for the students. The rest of the research showed mixed results or no difference for the children.

Oh. Since when did schools try to do things that showed promise, and actually had a research basis for that promise.

But, all sarcasm aside, this is very encouraging.

Boys and girls are different. Despite decades of indoctrination from "civil libertarians", there actually is no way around this fact. And it starts early--my 15 month old son is radically different than my girls, and we really haven't even had a chance to do things differently with him.

Given that they're different, wouldn't it be reasonable to teach them differently? You would think. That is, if academic achievement is your primary objective.

If social engineering is your goal, than you really would want to fight this sort of "innovation."

And do you know what the best part of this "innovation" is? Except for a marginal increase in staffing, IT SHOULDN'T COST A SCHOOL--or a taxpayer--A DIME.

That's the type of reform we like.

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